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Welcome to Happytonia is a satirical novel that follows the adventures of Flake (the narrator), a ten-year-old anthropomorphic cat, who lives in a place called Happytonia, and her search for the Truth. Happytonia is run by the mysterious President Entirety, who nobody has ever seen.


Flake goes to the Academy, where all the children are educated and taught how to be good Adults in Entirety's society. However, things are not really as they seem, as Flake will soon discover. 

As Flake learns of a place called the True World on the other side of The Wall, she is joined by an unexpected ally. Both will be tested and pursued by those who would rather they never find the Truth.

Will they find the Truth in time to save Happytonia? And what will they do if it could cost them everything?

Welcome to Happytonia

Release date: 8th - 11th February 2023 (eBook)

Page Size: A5

Page Count: 330 pages

Word Count: approximately 64000 words

"This world is not all there is ..."

- Flake,

Welcome to Happytonia

Book Trailer
(contains some flickering lights)

Foreword - Chapter 2 Preview

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