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The Country Next Door: Claude Flannigan's Story

The Country Next Door Cover2_edited.jpg

Claude Flannigan, a self-employed secret agent and hero in Welcome to Happytonia, tells the story of his past and his dramatic redemption from a life of wickedness in this novel. Taken from his childhood home in a village at a young age to grow up in Happytonia and made to forget everything he knows, Claude Flannigan becomes a con artist and a thief, before being recruited into the Secret Police. But will he find the Truth he lost sight of long ago, the Truth that could set him free?

Set mostly before the events of Welcome to Happytonia, with some crossover. 

Release date: Not yet released

Page Size: A5

Page Count: 116 pages

Word Count: approximately 20,000 words

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Featuring music from a song in the book

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