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11-year-old Laura, burdened by guilt about acts of thievery, is staying at her grandmother's house when she encounters a gruff, talking bear named Boris. When they are pursued by a pack of robot dogs called dogdroids, Boris whisks Laura away to a land called Perdita, where they go on a journey to see a scientist and inventor named Dr. Jonathan Bard.

Meanwhile, the evil dragon Tenebris Draco is trying to capture Laura for his own evil purposes, sending the dogdroids after her and enlisting the help of a wicked prince-turned-frog named Quincy.

As Laura journeys through Perdita, she learns of the Knight's emerald, a broken emerald that, if restored, could save Perdita from Tenebris. And as she journeys towards redemption, everyone will be touched along the way.

With over 30 full-page greyscale illustrations, this is a novel filled with adventure and redemption.

Release date: 1st April 2024 (Easter Monday)

Page Size: A5

Page Count: 229 pages

Word Count: approx. 42000 words

Scroll down for book trailer and first two chapters

Book Trailer
Featuring music from The Psalms Project

First Two Chapters

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