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General Overview of Content

Updated: Feb 3

This is a general overview of the content of Spycat Books (including from now on short stories), both present and future, so that you will know what to expect and what content won't be seen in a Spycat Book. Note that this is written mainly for parents (and others who look after children) and may contain terms that children won't understand. Adults who are interested in reading Spycat Books themselves may find this overview helpful too.

Spycat Books are designed to be safe and beneficial for children, clean and wholesome. Each novel has a plot shaped around moral principles, values, and themes, and has a focus on things of goodness, innocence and hope. Each novel has some level of Christian and Biblical content, whether direct, or more subtle and/or symbolic, or both.

Spycat Books strictly avoid content such as (but not limited to) graphic violence, coarse language (including taking God's name in vain, substitute coarse words, and acronyms for such language), explicit sexual content or innuendo, toilet humour, and promotion of witchcraft. Such content will never be present in a Spycat Book or short story.

'Romantic' content (boyfriend/girlfriend, 'falling in love' romantically etc) is a rare occurrence and almost always avoided. The kind of love that is focused on is innocent love, and self-sacrificial agápē love.

Some scary situations sometimes occur in which lives are threatened or endangered or characters are physically captured, and there are some emotionally difficult moments experienced by characters. Actual death of anyone or anything is rare.

Main characters are usually human children of 5 to 11 years old, and/or animals of a range of kinds and ages, and/or adult humans. The stories commonly feature friendships between characters of different ages and between people and animals.

These main characters are designed to be heroic and of good values, who treat others with kindness. Occasionally, a story may follow a central character who does bad things and is villainous, but repents by the end of the story. Such stories typically have a theme of redemption.

Some novels have educational content, such as brief explanations and/or demonstrations of the meaning of a stated word. They are also potentially written in a way that could encourage curiosity about learning things.

If you have any questions not covered here, or more specific questions, see the plot and content overviews for individual books (COMING SOON) or go to to contact me about it.

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